emmanuelle.d was born from the wish to offer women Luxury Lingerie with “haute couture” finish in very small collections, using the  French Lingerie values, with precious and genuine materials, for a  committed style  and no compromise.

100% French made

100% Made in France, rich in skilful knowledge. The collection is produced in a small worshop close to Lyon where skilful hands are at play. The materials and accessories are French; the silk comes from Lyon, created according to the great Lyonnais traditions.  The lace is from Calais, rich in secrets of ancestral lace manufacture and possessing a legendary delicacy.

Refined & Delicate

The refined and delicate details combined with genuine materials is essential to this collection.  Some details are completed by hand with so intricate work. The softness of the materials and the simplicity of use offer a pure and unique style, engaging and impelling, complementing the radiant colours with a deep and intimate touch. Items can be mixed and matched according to your whims. Nothing insipid or overly romantic only light and transparency, vivid colours and an underlying chic add the thrill of luxury.

The Designer

Emmanuelle Defaix designs and creates these collections for the greatest names in French lingerie and indeed throughout the world. emmanuelle.d is her own line. ‘Authenticity and sincerity characterise her personality, her rich and inexhaustible imagination feeds her inspiration as do the fashions, artistic and cultural influences. An original designer who combines strength with subtlety’. C.Robinson